wxpy.api.messages.messages 源代码

# coding: utf-8
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import threading

from wxpy.utils import match_attributes, match_text

[文档]class Messages(list): """ 多条消息的合集,可用于记录或搜索 """ def __init__(self, msg_list=None, max_history=200): if msg_list: super(Messages, self).__init__(msg_list) self.max_history = max_history self._thread_lock = threading.Lock() def append(self, msg): """ 仅当 self.max_history 为 int 类型,且大于 0 时才保存历史消息 """ with self._thread_lock: if isinstance(self.max_history, int) and self.max_history > 0: del self[:-self.max_history + 1] return super(Messages, self).append(msg)
[文档] def search(self, keywords=None, **attributes): """ 搜索消息记录 :param keywords: 文本关键词 :param attributes: 属性键值对 :return: 所有匹配的消息 :rtype: :class:`wxpy.Messages` """ def match(msg): if not match_text(msg.text, keywords): return if not match_attributes(msg, **attributes): return return True return Messages(filter(match, self), max_history=self.max_history)